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Nidaros Benkskytterklubb
Have the pleasure to invite You to:
Nordic Bench Rest
Championships 2014
Friday 08.08.2014 Range open for practice between 0900 and 1800 o’clock
Saturday 09.08.2014 Registration between 0800 and 0830 o´clock.
Scale available, random controls.
Match HV100, 5 x 5 shots, starts at 0900 o´clock with
Bench rotation / lunch after 3:rd relay.
Sunday 10.08.2014 Match HV200, 5 x 5 shots, starts at 0900 o´clock.
No Warm-Up. First relay 10 minutes.
No bench rotation. Lunch after 3:rd relay
Fees: Week-end 450Nok. Only one day 250Nok.
Team Competition: National 3 shooter teams. Team registration before first
match. No fee.
Pre-registration by email to: no later than the 28.07.2014
Please remember request for bench / flag sharing.
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General information
The competition is arranged at Nidaros Skytterlag shooting range at Jonsvatnet east of
Google map reference to the range: 63°21'55.34"N 10°31'35.98"Ø
Take a look around the shooting range here:
Lunch, hot dog, sandwiches, coffee and soft drinks will be available to buy in the
clubhouse during Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (No lunch on Friday)
Motorhomes, caravans and tents can be parked / placed around the clubhouse during
the week-end for free.
Other places to look for a place to stay:
Hotels: Trondheim booking:
Sandmoen Bed & Breakfast Tel: +47 72596150 63°19'52.27"N 10°21'24.40"Ø
Cabins: North of the range
Cabins: South of the range
Camping close to the range:
Nidelven camping : Tel+47 90835187 N 63*20'07,8" E10*26'24,6" WGS84
Nidaros Benkskytterklubb was founded the first of April in 2008 with focus on UNL500m
shooting and is active at the premises owned by Nidaros Skytterlag. This means that all
competitions/building activities have to be approved by the Skytterlag up front. Ten
benches with concrete tops, target stand and one electronic target on 500m was built.
The first UNL500m competition was held in June the same year and has been a
tradition every year since then. Today we are around 70 members. Another tradition is
the barbeque on Saturday evening held at the location for the shooting by putting the
benches together.
NBSK invites to a barbeque on Saturday evening and will supply charcoal for the grill
free of charge. The participants bring their own choice of meat and refreshment for the
As a result of demands about where / how to place the targets from the Skytterlag the
benches has to be tilted forwards to get down on the target. This is achieved by placing
a 1” plate of wood under the rear leg of benches.
Take a look here:
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The ground is soft marsh, so single flag pools will be easy to get placed out.
When it comes to pool height, we will take measurements and update this invitation, as
soon as they are available.
If you have any questions, please don´t hesitate to get in contact with Frode on
Nidaros Benkskytterklubb